• Keeps facility and grounds clean and in orderly condition; performs minor repairs and general maintenance upkeep.
  • Performs tasks by utilizing small hand tools, brooms, mops, paint brushes and paint rollers, floor scrubber/sweeper, forklift and skyjack.
  • Performs general maintenance duties such as tightening cabinet hinges and door knobs, caulking, replacing light bulbs, sweeping, mopping and emptying trash cans. Wash/clean equipment as assigned, such as floor scrubbers, storage racks, fuel tanks.
  • Keeps truck wash area clean and tidy.
  • Washes walls, ceiling and woodwork.
  • Washes windows, stairways, door panels and sills.
  • Removes cob webs.
  • Replaces water filter, air conditioner filters and cleans lines and vents.
  • Cleans offices, rooms, hallways, lobbies, lounges, rest rooms, corridors, polishes lighting fixtures, and vacuums, washes or buffs the floors and carpets regularly and as needed.
  • Washes table tops and chair hardware.
  • Cleans refrigerators, cleans and organizes cabinetry contents.
  • Dusts and cleans furniture and equipment.
  • Polishes metalwork, oils hinges, cleans chair bases and rollers.
  • Notifies management of any needs for repairs or additions to mechanical, electrical, lighting, heating and ventilating equipment and/or supplies needed to maintain the facility.
  • Notifies management of any damage, misuse, abuse or theft of company property.


  • Utilizes pressure washer as needed for upkeep of various areas including but not limited to, exterior concrete, exterior walls.
  • Pick up trash on grounds and around facility.
  • Waters lawn areas not serviced by irrigation system.
  • Mows , fertilizes, edges, trims lawn, trees and shrubs,       pulls and sprays weeds
  • Sweeps and cleans parking and pavement areas as needed.
  • Keep truck dock pavement clean of debris and weeds, keeps dock leveler areas clean and free of debris.


  • Wash/clean vehicles as assigned.
  • Breaks down cardboard boxes and transports trash to the disposal area.
  • Sets up tables and chairs in the hospitality room for sales meetings, retailer meetings and other company related functions.
  • Performs clean up as needed after events.

Work safely and adhere to company safety policies and procedures

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